Printed Pouch Bag

Printed pouch bag is perfect for an eco-friendly gift shop instead of using plastic bags and non-recyclable materials. It’s more personal and great for storing stuff at home or when you are traveling. It’s really easy to make and by putting a print design on it will add a nice vibrant touch.

Ella Grimshaw designed a pouch bag for her Year 12 Visual Communications folio. It’s for a boutique gift shop called “Not too Shabby” she created.

Printed Pouch bag

“The design needed to follow a coastal theme which is meet by using the blue water colours. I designed the bag and the logo my self before getting the logo printed on the fabric by Digital Fabric Printer and getting the bag made by Adita Singh. The final product I was very happy with as the printing on the fabric came out vibrant and exactly how I wanted.” shared by Ella.

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Our principal services that we offer are:

– Meterage printing- Up to 150cm wide, we can print anywhere from 2 metres to 200+ metres of fabric printing.

– Placement printing- We offer placement printing for 100 x 75cm squares which is completed in-house. This can be beneficial for sampling, completing panels of dresses, small runs of cushion, creating banners and so forth.

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