Digital Printing Technology

According to Epson, the future of fashion is digital printing technology. It is all about customisation – from the prints and colors we choose to wear, to indeed the size and shape that best suits us.

Epson’s senior team, including global president Minoru Usui, was in New York Fashion week to host its third annual “Digital Couture” event. This saw 13 design teams from across North and Latin America leveraging Epson’s dye-sublimation and direct-to-fabric printing technology to create small collections that were presented during an evening event held ahead of New York Fashion Week. The occasion also served to officially introduce the fact Epson acquired Italian textile printer manufacturer Robustelli in 2016.

Digital Printing Technology

Carlos de Moya’s designs at Epson’s Digital Couture event (Image:BFA)


Digital Printing Technology

Susan Wagner’s designs at Epson’s Digital Couture event (Image:BFA)

As Epson tells it, the main benefit of this direct-to-print technology is a faster production time. For example, a piece that would have taken weeks to create by hand, or with a heat press, can now be finished in a matter of days. Designers also have more freedom to experiment with their designs, since they’re able to see what a product may look like more quickly than the analog process allows.

Digital Printing Technology

The detail of Alexandra Polo & Miguel Moyano’s designs at Epson’s Digital Couture event

“The cost to produce one or thousands is the same, it doesn’t make a difference at all,” explains Timothy Check, product manager of Professional Imaging at Epson. The equipment itself can either be scaled to multiple machines for mass production, or just be done on one small, relatively affordable, one. His view is on the flexibility this affords designers and retailers to also change and adapt strategy based on which pieces perform well in the market, or update looks for new seasons at ease.

“People want something different these days, they want something that stands out,” he says. “We’re working with a lot of manufacturers who say they’re not doing 20,000 of the same garment anymore, but just doing 500 of them. Then they’ll do another 500, but in a slightly different color perhaps. They’re doing more things of smaller quantities. Digital enables a producer to be able to do that efficiently. The traditional method by comparison is not possible to do cost effectively.”

Digital Printing technology indeed paves it’s way to mark it’s potential in the fashion industry. It’s undeniable that more and more fashion designers are using the technology in making amazing clothes.

Digital Printing Technology

Designs by Alexandra Polo & Miguel Moyano

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